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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

If liberal men are all gay, why is the world not completely conservative yet, covered in Duggarvilles and twisting the gene pool?

The conservative loon Wayne Allyn Root, who won the 2008 Libertarian Party vice presidential nomination, then returned to the GOP, has hit on why Megyn Kelly gets poor ratings for her new show:
[L]iberal men, well, they’re all gay or they don’t appreciate pretty women.
I have long thought Root a clown, and the fact that the Libertarians gave him their nomination cemented my impression they are a dilettante party, an island of misfit Republican toys, but he may be on to something here.

Not so much to explain Kelly's Nielsen travails- you join a real network from Fox News, you're already typecast- but Root's theory makes sense to explain why all Deplorable Pride co-founder Brian Talbert fills his group's social media with is angry anti-liberal taunts:

He's not getting any.

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