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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Like pornography, Republicans know voter fraud when they see it.

The Commission on Electoral Intergrity is up and running about, a solution looking to prove there is a problem.

Remember when Governor McCrory, loding by 10,000 votes, challenged voters in 52 North Carolina's one hundred counties?

From an excellent explainer on why President Trump didn't lose the popular vote through millions of illegal ballots, this paragraph:
Another, more recent investigation in North Carolina by the State Board of Elections similarly found just one — out of nearly 4.8 million total votes in 2016 — credible case of in-person voter fraud. That amounts to just 0.00002 percent of all votes. Other types of fraud were very rare as well: Although there were more than 500 ineligible votes, the State Board of Election found that almost all of these were due to people negligently voting when they genuinely thought they were allowed to vote but legally weren’t. It was simply not the case that there were a lot of people trying to rig the election.
Well, actually, there were, but they were all Republican legislators and they did their work in public, earlier.

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