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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Defining deviancy down on Facebook

An exchange on Facebook:

John Robinson Don't kid yourself: We saw Trump's America in Charlottesville.

Lindsay Thompson I look forward to some of John's regulars explaining how video of the mob shouting, "Fuck you, faggots!" was just youthful, #MAGA high spirits.

Lanny Hoskins For starters I'm a bit shocked that the Charlottesville Police weren't better prepared for what seemed inevitable to me. Aside from that, in a situation like this are you going to condemn one group of people for what a few counter-protesters might have yelled out? Is there any real doubt in your mind what is the true aim of most of the people involved in the alt-right, Neo-Nazi, KKK movements? Of course, we have a POTUS who decided not to choose sides and condemned the violence and hate of all the groups involved in this madness...Trump knows who voted for him.

Lindsay Thompson Have you seen the video, Mr Hoskins?

Lanny Hoskins Oh, yes, but what a few people might have yelled out in circumstances like this is irrelevant. I'm sure most of these alt-right, neo-Nazis and KKK guys have had a lot worse than that said to them don't you think?

Lindsay Thompson It was more than a few, sir. And I am astonished that you think that was being yelled AT, not By, the Nazis and the Klan.

Lanny Hoskins Lindsay Thompson, ok, let's say 20 people...I couldn't count them all, could you? Words matter little in a situation like this...the actions do.

Lanny Hoskins Lindsay Thompson ..btw, what a camera and microphone may have picked up is hardly representative of the overall insults that I'm sure were thrown at each other during this ridiculous display.

Lindsay Thompson Let's get back to the point you are avoiding, sir. Do you really believe those opposed to the neo-Nazi and Klan and AltRight demonstrators were yelling "Fuck you, Faggots at them, and not the other way around? The Right Unite groups are not known for their embrace of the gays, after all.

Lanny Hoskins Lindsay Thompson ...see my reply above

Lindsay Thompson Why are you afraid to answer my question, sir?

Lanny Hoskins Lindsay Thompson ...I just did. Do you think what you saw on that video represented the COMPLETE recording of all of the insults both sides threw at each other? Why are you so caught up with these grade-school insults?

Lindsay Thompson I didn't say it was, sir. I asked you why you insist on claiming that the group of way more than 20 is actually anti-AltRight. Do Anti-Alt right groups carry Confederate flags and Tea Party banners?

Lanny Hoskins Lindsay Thompson ...I didn't mean to imply that the counter-protesters (the anti-alt right in this instance) were the ones that were throwing all the insults. I DID MEAN to imply that a single camera and microphone could not possibly pick up everythin...See More

Lindsay Thompson So if everyone is shouting hateful things it's just a day at the park, eh? You seem remarkably unwilling to condemn what those protesters were saying at that point in time, on the merits of what they were shouting. When I've had friends get gaybashed it never occurred to me to urge the victims to put their attackers' slurs in a larger context.

Lanny Hoskins Lindsay Thompson, why should I feel it necessary to condemn the OBVIOUS? Certainly I condemn the slurs, but are you saying you were surprised by them? Why react so violently to something you should have expected?

Lindsay Thompson I hardly think my comments have been violent, sir. To LGBT Americans, mobs shouting things like that are rather more than schoolboy insults. Come to that, they weren't any more palatable when I heard them as a schoolboy. But thanks for extending your views to their logical end, little distance that that is. Good luck peddling your wares to others!

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