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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Trump wants Strange, but will get Bat-Shit Crazy. And that's not the worst of it.

The *resident has taken an unusual step and intervened in the Alabama Republican Senate primary:

Luther Strange, the ragingly antigay former state attorney general, was appointed to the seat of Attorney General Jeff Sessions by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.

Strange has been a senator for 180 days. He got the job after the GOP Luv Guv, Robert Bentley, resigned just ahead of impeachment for a variety of hijinks. That moved Ivey to the top job just as Sessions resigned to go recuse himself.

Strange, too, had to recuse himself from the prosecution of the Alabama House Speaker, Mike Hubbard, for corruption. Strange and Hubbard, they done done bidness with each other. Hubbard is in prison. Next time a 'bama public official completes a full term in office, it will be a public holiday.

Strange is the tallest member of the Senate. He is six feet nine inches tall.

On July 12 he announced, "President Trump is the greatest thing that has happened to this country. I consider it a Biblical miracle that he is there."

Trump's pick is an odd one, given that Congressman Mo Brooks (who says health care is for people who have lived good, godly lives) is running as the pro-Trump candidate.

None of this matters.

The winner will be the former head of another Alabama branch of government. Roy Moore was removed from office as Chief Justice last year over his own brand of homophobic policymaking. He instructed state courts to simply ignore the Obergefell marriage decision.

He has been removed from office for refusing to follow the law twice now.

Moore is running well ahead with 30% to Strange's 22% and Brooks' 19%.

And Moore got the endorsement of 77-year-old hairpiece torturer Chuck Norris.

Norris endorsed Trump. Trump has now crossed Norris.

Somebody's gonna get his ass handed to him.


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