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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday in Hell: Moore is less; Jews for hire (like models at coder bro parties); 48 ways to say "Trump"

“Why did he wait so long?” To counter the claims of women who claim he creeped them forty years ago, Roy Moore dredged up a war buddy who hadn’t seen him since they accidentally visited a Vietnamese whorehouse 45 years ago:

“So I put down the glass of scotch I was drinking at the time. I got off the couch, I put on my big boy pants and decided to put my reputation on the line and come down here for Roy Moore in Alabama and here I am,” he said to cheers.

Sad, as MOTUS would say, for Moore to be reduced to dredging up character witness from a hifalutin boozer who talks like Jeb Bush, but there you are. God uses bad people to achieve His ends, as Roy Moore knows better than anyone but his patron in DC.

Oh, and this inspired nod to both diversity and Hanukkah:

His wife, Kayla, took the stage to deny that her husband was prejudiced and “doesn’t support the black community”. He “appointed the very first black marshal to the Alabama supreme court”, she went on. “Fake news would tell you that we don’t care for Jews … One of our attorneys is a Jew.”

My mother, who refused to speak with me the last two decades of her life after I came out, would have loved that appeal. She insisted she loved the homosexuals, why- some of her best friends were! And they were all, also, men she paid for services: her hairdresser, her florist, her gardener…

I asked once, “Did you ever invite any of them to dinner?”

At least it didn’t come to this:

CHUCK TODD:  David, I want to get to a point you made in your column on Friday, which is a victory by Roy Moore for the Republican Party is, I guess, the ultimate in empiric victory, isn't it?


A new conundrum emerges in America’s moral purge: how to punish the just-dead?

Sexual abuse, as we now know, is bad, but adultery remains the playground of the rich and powerful despite the preening condescension of America’s evangelical class. Take David Petraeus, who may not be relevant anymore, but is certainly profitable.

No matter how dire it gets (absent a war), it will, with certainty, end, with karma biting hard:

One day, maybe three years from now, maybe (God forbid) seven, Trump will no longer be president. Someone else will enter that office, and the things they say will capture headlines, and they will be the person we’ll talk about at the dinner table, or with our Uber driver. And Donald Trump will cease to be the center of the attention universe. He’ll turn on the television and it won’t be him they are talking about. It will be another president. He’ll pick up the paper and there will be someone else’s name in the headlines. Trump’s brother was an alcoholic, his father a workaholic, and Trump is nothing more than a narcissist who is addicted to himself. When that drug is taken away from him, as it inevitably will be, it will destroy him. And nothing gives me a larger sense of relief than knowing at the end of his life, he’ll be irrelevant, and that he’ll know that, too.

Until then, Tillerson’s Moron wants the world to know Omarosa was right: all must bow down- and do other things besides:
Is your favorite word in this Quinnipiac poll?

4. What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of President Trump? (Numbers are not percentages. Figures show the number of times each response was given. This table reports only words that were mentioned at least five times.)
idiot        53
liar         44
incompetent  36
leader       35
strong       35
asshole      26
great        21
moron        19
arrogant     18
disgusting   17
unqualified  16
crazy        15
bold         14
buffoon      12
dangerous    12
ignorant     12
corrupt      11
dishonest    11
honest       11
racist       11
businessman  10
different    10
stupid       10
business      9
change        9
egotistical   9
fraud         9
good          9
narcissist    9
president     9
American      8
jerk          8
trying        8
unstable      8
awesome       7
bombastic     7
disaster      7
pig           7
childish      6
dumb          6
evil          6
joke          6
powerful      6
courageous    5
disgrace      5
fantastic     5
hard-worker   5
insane        5

Chutzpah: when a dad rags his daughter to suicide for being gay, then gives interviews taking credit for opposing Roy Moore: not for his stance on LGBT rights, but because he creeped little girls.
After hoarding judicial nominations for years until they got a Republican president, not even Senator Chuck Grassley can fluff all the *resident’s choices. He’s telling MOTUS to take back two fellow morons.

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