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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The only thing transparent about Deplorable Pride was their utter lack of a single original thought.

Last summer, Deplorable Pride- the fit-in-a-phonebooth NC gay Trump fanboy club- got on a Facebook tear about how wicked Log Cabin Republicans, a national gay political group that people take more or less seriously, was for not being as #AltRight as, and way more skilled at earning media than, DP.

As Waldo documented, DP was a tale full of sound and fury, long on big promises, a complete fail at delivering on them, and skilled only at grifting $7700 out of saps on a gofundme page while loudly proclaiming a "track record of transparency."

But they did have a moment (July? August?) when some functionary in The White House called and said they wanted to see if they could make something out of the Stanly County scam.

They couldn't. Who wants to mess with a pickup full of zanies who think it was a big deal to walk into a tony south Charlotte Starbucks wearing Trump swag and claim they "liberated it" for white cranks who like to overpay for a decaf?

And now- a day after Daddy Trump proclaimed a Religious Freedom Day get-out-of-complying-with-the-law card- comes the ultimate insult: he wrote a congratulatory letter to Log Cabin Republicans on their anniversary.

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