GOP activist Brian Talbert wants to bring the gay community to its knees, but not in a good way

Queen City Quibblers Call Other Queers Quislings: Gays for Trump want a Gay Pride float to celebrate the President who refused to issue a Gay Pride proclamation, complete with a First Lady in Drag. #MAGA, y'all!

-June 9, 2017

What's in YOUR wallet? Deplorable Pride wants to know.

-June 10, 2017

Standing at the curb with a "Will Give Interview for Donation" sign, Brian Talbert circles the gurgler.

-June 11, 2017

Albemarle's Ozymandias, Brian Talbert, demands the gays look upon his works and despair. Or else.

-June 12, 2017

Outraged gay Trump supporters reject Charlotte Pride float spot they're still raising $100,000 to get in court; President Trump continues Twitter silent treatment toward Brian Talbert's Deplorable Pride.

-June 13, 2017

More bad news for Charlotte's angry gay Republicans: Republicans don't care how many flags their rejected Pride float was going to have. Oh, and ask Brian Talbert why he's whining about being denied a parade permit to celebrate Trump when Trump blocks people every day for displeasing him.

-June 14, 2017

After a week, gay GOP activist Brian Talbert's Charlotte Pride vendetta has imploded: no float, no lawsuit, no ball, no pageant, no picnic. Just send him your money.

-June 14, 2017

Anatomy of a Scam: Brian Talbert's $100,000 shakedown.

-June 14, 2017

What's a hot date like with a Deplorable Pride fanboy?

-June 15,2017

Week 1: Deplorable Pride's blistering fundraising juggernaut

As Deplorable Pride's press coverage grinds to a halt alongside its fundraising, lawsuit, boycott and alternate Pride schedule, German gays ask, "Was zum Teufel?"

-June 16, 2017

A tale of two cities: for gayTrump supporters, it's the best of times, and the worst of times.

Utterly ignored by the God-President to whom he wants to build a flatbed altar for a few hours in August, Brian Talbert's Deplorable Pride fails relentlessly forward in Week II Contra Mundum

-June 16, 2017

For Deplorable Pride and their Hero President, it's just a photo op.

-June 19, 2017

"We will be more than willing to do our best in answering your questions," Deplorable Pride says. It's not true.

-June 21, 2017

"I want to feel like the first lady that I know I am inside," Sierra explained.

-June 22, 2017

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