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Thursday, May 31, 2012

They're everywhere, dammit.

Can you spot them?

     A few years ago, a South Carolina blogger called Adam Fogle (whose nom de blog was The Palmetto Scoop, unleashed a worldwide cascade of ridicule on the State of South Carolina for a tourism buy in London that consisted of some subway escalator placards for Gay Pride Weekend there.
     The ads were of a series that focused on various gay-friendly US locales and the tag line was "South Carolina Is So Gay."
     "Oh, no we aren't! Fogle squealed, as did Governor Sanford- defender of traditional marriage he- and most elected Republicans in the legislature. Fogle based in the attention- he liked to called it "earning media"- and grew so enamored with launching such a big story (never mind that it boomeranged and made the state's political class look like small-minded bigots) that he never really seemed to notice how he'd let his own raging homophobia off the leash.
       Oh, that Fogle had not hung up The Scoop's microphone and gone off to navel-gaze.
     It turns out gay tourists are at it again, and this time they're Americans (h/t Joe.My.God):

They're only on screen for less than a second, but predictably Tony Perkins is furious that a gay couple is shown in a new international ad promoting U.S. tourism. Via Right Wing Watch:
In 236 years, America's never had an international tourism ad. So when Congress passed the Travel Promotion Act, people thought it'd be a great chance to highlight American attractions. What they didn't know is that it would highlight same-sex attractions. That's right. The commercial invites people to America-not to see the Grand Canyon, but to celebrate homosexuality. In one scene, a gay man is sleeping on his partner's shoulder in a trolley. The actors said they were specifically recruited to add a "homosexual presence" to the commercial. According to Brand USA, the ads were supposed to "open up some minds as to what America really is"-which, based on this commercial, is a country of radical values and backwards priorities. I suppose this is part of the President's push to "rebrand" America. It's just too bad he used a travel ad to feature so much cultural baggage.

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