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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home is where, when you have to go there, you have to be able to remember where it is

     Exhibiting some more of his Joe Sixpack cred, Mitt Romney says he owns one less home than John Kerry.
     Here's what Etch-A-Sketch had in 2008, when he was shortlisted to be veep to Uncle Grumpy, who had so many he couldn't remember their number.

From ABC’s Jan Crawford Greenburg, covering the "veepstakes" on the GOP side: "McCain’s gaffe on the number of houses he owns may have hurt Romney’s chances to be his VP. Here’s a list of Romney’s real estate: Romney has 5 houses and adjacent property worth an estimated $30 million. The price is an estimate as it doesn’t include a Canadian home (co-owned by his siblings) and it includes the current estimated value of a property he bought in 1997. Just this May, Romney bought a home in La Jolla valued at $12 million…"

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