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Friday, July 18, 2014

Other People's Money

From the Colorado marriage equality front (non-pastry division), news of more conservative-led Pointless Litigation:
The state Supreme Court granted a request by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers for an emergency ruling prohibiting the issuance of the licenses. But the panel's brief order only named Johnson and another clerk who has yet to distribute any documents because they were parties to the initial lawsuit that was stayed. 
Several other county clerks had asked the court for clarity on whether they could distribute marriage licenses as well. 
Suthers is also appealing the lower court's finding that the 2006 voter-approved ban is unconstitutional to the state supreme court. 
A Republican, he has acknowledged that gay marriage will eventually be legal in Colorado but says he has an obligation to defend the state's laws all the way to the high court.
The Award is named for North Carolina House Speaker and U.S. Senate Candidate Thom Tillis, whose cynicism truly knows no bounds. 

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