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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Forrestina Gump

Still burning through lieutenant governors at the rate of one a year, SC governess Nikki Haley unbound her surgically repaired arm (jangled up from signing 39,000 letters of no consequence whatever) to veto a law giving librarians the power to exclude disruptive patrons. Too much power to the unelected, she said.

"Uh, Governess, there's a drunk peeing up the State Library again...."

"State Library? I thought I vetoed that. Not a core function of government. See if you can get the private sector to gift them a mop.  I've got 1400 more letters to sign before I go to that Scott Walker fundraiser. "

1 comment:

  1. I thought you were joking but discovered it's a fact. That Gov. Haley sure is a hard working, practical person. You get what you vote for. The S.C. of my youth was racist and very class conscious but not always completely stupid. If you want to feel better about S.C. state politics you can always look next door at N.C. and feel superior.

    Old Jill