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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Oh, the places you'll go

What a burden it must be to be the she-Clinton.

First, there's the Big Dog to deal with. Where is he? Who's he doing on Ron Burkle's jet?

Then there's the certitude that the she- Clinton is owed the presidency.

If nothing else, she's earned her turn.

For a meritocrat, that is a big deal.

You do your time. You stack your offices. If being a senator won't get you the golden ticket, you take the gig Obama offers you. You spend four years on an airplane- free, at last from Sinbad and the Balkans- and then you calculate how long till you can turn on your benefactor.

The one I feel for- aside from the long-suffering American public- is her daughter. It must be tough having a pollster tell you Mom needs to warm up:  a baby scores well.

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