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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

She's smart. She's young. She's white.

Politico has an interesting article up about the Republican obsession with appearing to offer something new while doing nothing of the sort.

Elise Stefanek, 30, went to work in the Bush White House out of college. She rose fast.

The end of the Bush Restoration pending, Stefanek looked for a new patron.

And that's where 21st Congressional District voters have cause to question her judgement as she seeks to be a New York congresscritter.

She went to work for Tim Pawlenty.

That was over in a minute. Elise turned up as a coauthor of the GOP platform,which puts the lie to claims she is anything but a good little Movement conservative.

Fresh from making America safe from abortion, homos and gun haters, she moved on to be Mitt Romney's policy director.

The Age of the 47 Percenters was Pawlenty-brief.

What does a young Republican gal with a Rolodex on steroids do next (besides questioning how she was wrong so much and so fast.


Elise moved to her family's upstate New York vacation house and started running for Congress while affecting an interest in the family plywood factory.

And now Karl Rove's writing her big checks.

She's new and fresh. And she'll know her place on day one.

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