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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The wages of sin are up 237% this week

Aaron and Melissa Klein, who have been boo-hooing their way through conservative media outlets and for the once-respected Heritage Foundation's propaganda arm, claiming they will be ruined by a $135,000 judgment for violating Oregon's antidiscrimination law, are far from broke.

In addition to the free legal services they have gotten from a phalanx of lawyers who believe equal justice under law is a joke, the Kleins have run three major money begs over the Internets this year.

The first, on, netted them $109,000 before the company decided not to facilitate profiting from violating the law.

Then Farnklin Graham's international relief agency, Samaritan's Purse, leapt into the gap, raising even more. The Kleins have ignored repeated questions from Waldo about how much that has raised.

Then the Kleins launched a third beg on the Continue to Give site. Latest reports from the cheerleading Washington Times paper say the Kleins have now raised $352,000 there. They have exceeded their $150,000 goal by 237%.

That's upwards of $461,000 the Kleins have made off their multiyear media campaign to vilify the lesbian couple they called an abomination when they rejected their attempt to buy a wedding cake, including attacking them in endless speeches and interviews, and making the publicity-shy couple's address public.

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