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Monday, August 3, 2015

"'Murca haters"

In National Review in 2012, Charles Kesler made a big deal out of patriotism as expressed by lapel flag pins:

My wife, the very shrewd Sally Pipes, penetrated to the heart of the debate in a single sentence tonight when, only about 15 minutes into the exchange, she observed: “Romney’s flag pin is much larger than Obama’s flag pin.” Indeed, it was, as I confirmed in the next split screen of the candidates. Ever since the 1960s, liberals have been sensitive about the dimensions of their patriotism, and here, on national television, in a debate over foreign policy, Obama had been clearly outmaneuvered. His fleet was noticeably smaller than the challenger’s. His bayonet — well, you get the point.
What, then, to say about tonight's New Hampshire debate among 14 of the Republican candidates, and the fact that six of them- Fiorina, Graham, Kasich, Pataki, Perry and Cruz- didn't wear one?

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