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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Angry rounding error.

The National Organization for Marriage has issued a number of press release/money begs announcing they have "identified" four Republican presidential candidates who have "emerged from the field" as "champions of marriage." Of their four choices, the three who make the biggest issue out of antigay positions are camp followers after the top three of Trump, Carson and Bush. Carson, for his part, avoids the issue set when he can; when he can't he invariably says something ill-considered.

We're tracking the Real Clear Politics averaging of all polls and posting how the NOM champions are faring in the overall Trumparty nomination race. RCP ranks the top 14 of the 17 candidates: this week, Gilmore, Graham and Pataki are underwater.

Here, from the RCP averages for August 9-25, is the first standings: 

1. Ben Carson 

Average Poll Rating 8/9-25: 10.3% Avg. Overall Field Ranking: 2 
Average Poll Rating 8/11-9/2: 13.2% Avg. Overall Field Ranking: 2

2. Ted Cruz 

Average Poll Rating 8/9-25: 7.3% Avg. Overall Field Ranking: 5 
Average Poll Rating 8/11-9/2: 7.2% Avg. Overall Field Ranking: 4

3. Rick Santorum 

Average Poll Rating 8/9-25: 1% Avg. Overall Field Ranking: 13 
Average Poll Rating 8/11-9/2: 1% Avg. Overall Field Ranking: 13

4. Bobby Jindal 

Average Poll Rating 8/9-25: 0.5% Avg. Overall Field Ranking: 14 
Average Poll Rating 8/11-9/2: 0.2% Avg. Overall Field Ranking: 14

Average 8/9-25 Poll Rating of the Marriage Champions as a group: 4.77% 
Average 8/11-9/2 Poll Rating of the Marriage Champions as a group: 5.35% 

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