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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The most dangerous place in America is the headspace where Huckabee thinks about sex.

"Well, Steve, this was our event. My team put it together. We’re the ones who recruited the people not only to be on the program, but we’re the ones who coordinated the effort. We’re the ones who secured the permits, the staging," Huckabee told Malzberg. "We had no idea Ted Cruz was going to show up until the day before and he didn’t call us, he called several other people on the program and asked about it.”
-Mike Huckabee, explaining why Ted Cruz got 86'd from the platform at the Kim Davis parole rally.

Who did Huckabee consider worth actually being on his platform? A gay-bashing evangelist; the head of the grifting National Organization for Marriage, and Tony Perkins, the one who hired child abuser/online porn addict/ serial adulterer Josh Duggar- who is also a bestie with Huckabee.

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