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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Southern Hemisphere NOT sending their best weather across our borders...

"The foreign ones, they run counter-clockwise, like in that metric system stuff..."

Damn Obama! Not only is America threatened by a Spanish-named hurricane even as I type these spittle-flecked, Teabagistani-American words,  his legacy-padders have been busy stacking the deck in the Hurricane Names Office. Why, just in the next five years, we are slated to see Hurricanes Jose', Maria, Alberto, Ernesto, Oscar, Rafael, Humberto, Lorenzo, Nestor, Pablo, Cristobal, and Gonzalo, and that's just for the East Coast, where the real American hurricanes go. Will these storms have papers? NOOOOooooooo....The west coast names are even worse. Clearly we need The Donald to get in there and work in a bunch of female, eastern European names to help make America great again.

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