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Thursday, May 19, 2016

But it will all be beautiful.

Mitt Romney's "self-deportation" plan is back: [NY Republican Congresscritter and Trump fanboy Chris] Collins, who has become one of the presumptive GOP nominee’s main media surrogates, also cast doubts on another central Trump campaign promise: the candidate’s vow to deport the nation’s 12 million undocumented immigrants. “I call it a rhetorical deportation of 12 million people,” Collins said. He then gestured toward a door in his Capitol Hill office. “They go out that door, they go in that room, they get their work papers, Social Security number, then they come in that door, and they’ve got legal work status but are not citizens of the United States,” Collins said. “So there was a virtual deportation as they left that door for processing and came in this door.” Collins added: “We’re not going to put them on a bus, and we’re not going to drive them across the border.” Collins also says the emperor's walls may have no mortar: “I have called it a virtual wall,” Rep. Chris Collins said in an interview with The Buffalo News. “Maybe we will be building a wall over some aspects of it; I don’t know,” the Clarence Republican said of Trump’s proposed barrier to keep illegal immigrants and drugs from crossing the southern border.

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