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Saturday, August 6, 2016

What's a few case of mal de merde among friends?

Invitations are hereby extended to one and all. Your topic? Explain why the situation described in this article ("Brazil’s Olympic Swimming, Sailing Venue Is ‘Basically Raw Sewage,’ Investigation Finds") is a bad thing.

The Republicans just held their national convention in a city whose river is famed for catching fire once or twice a decade until the EPA was created and ended the spectacles. Nostalgic conservatives wrote the party's platform to promise repeal of enough environmental regs to get the Olympics back in American waters.

Indeed, one of the signature elements of NC Governor Pat McCrory's Carolina Comeback has been comprehensive legislative efforts to make NC rivers and lakes attractive to international sporting events.

Why waste so much tax money on making water cleaner than it needs to be? Rio is the new gold standard.

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