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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mind, this is all as of 4:00 Thursday afternoon.

This afternoon the President told Lester Holt of NBC that Vice President Pence  and Sean Spicer and Mike Huckabee's daughter were all wrong.

He didn't rely on that reverse-engineered set of letters memos. He decided to fire the FBI director all by his lonesome.

The deputy attorney general confirmed that, saying he threatened to quit when The White House tried to pin the deal on him.

The acting director of the FBI testified that the President's claims that the FBI has been in turmoil for months and everybody there wanted Comey gone aren't true.

The President also told Holt the three conversations he claimed he had in which Comey told him he wasn't under investigation- which the President said he already knew- were really only two. One was something he heard Comey had said to a committee of Congress.

Another was over a dinner Comey asked for, or maybe it was somebody else, a very nice dinner, and Comey wanted stay on, so it was like a job interview, and the President said he'd wait and see how things go, and by the way, was he under investigation? Then, too, he said he already knew the answer.

The second was when the President called Comey and asked if he was under investigation- again. When he already knew he wasn't.

Then, after praising General Flynn- again- the President tore into Comey, calling him a "showboat" and a "grandstander."

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