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Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Life at Court: I

From the Diary of Michael Pence, Valet, June 8, 1612:
My Lorde Trump betook himself to a new-composed masque at The Globe last evening, and returneth home in a distemper so greate that he layeth his boot-toe to his dogg and cursed Imprecations upon the footemann as a Whoreson and A Rogue. 
As is His Custom, my lord rose before the Dawne and Calleth for his Scribe, and bade him take down wordes to Ye Lord Chamberlain that the players of Master Shakespeare filleth the stalls with plebs and artisans who mocketh My lord, calleth his bride a doxy, and addresseth him by name and title from ye Stage-front, Urging upon him respect for the whores and Musselmen and Sodomytes, for which My Liege demandeth the closure of the Play-house forthwith, and the reduction of the actor-gang to the Tower, though not that of My Lord Trump.

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