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Monday, January 23, 2017

Sorry, but Donald Trump is not the next Ronald Reagan. He is the next Richard Nixon.

Meeting of minds, 1989

Kellyanne Conway, Ann Coulter's doppelganger and fashion gangsta, has been making the rounds:
A top aide to President Donald Trump says he won't release his tax returns, insisting that voters aren't concerned about the issue. 
"The White House response is he's not going to release his tax returns," said Trump's senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway, on ABC's "This Week." 
"We litigated this all through the election. People didn't care," Conway added.
Conway peddled the same line to Seth Myers on his late show, much less success (it's right at the end):

That rang a bell for me, and the bell cast my memory back to a 1993 Seattle Times story (I'd just moved there) about some more just-released Nixon Watergate tapes:
In an Oval Office conversation on June 21, 1972, four days after the break-in at Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate office building, Nixon and H.R. Haldeman, one of his closest aides, discussed the impact of the event. They considered whether the American people would share Washington's curiosity about the attempt to listen in on conversations at Democratic headquarters. 
Nixon said the Washington press would be bound to be interested. "Anything that's as bizarre as this - and interesting - is going to be a national story," Nixon said. He continued: 
"In terms of reaction of people, the reaction is going to be primarily in Washington and not the country because I think the country doesn't care much about it."

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  1. Why would you want to compliment Trump by comparing him to Nixon? Nixon dead and buried all these years is a more intelligent man, has a better understanding of government and governance, and a greater capability of doing something positive than Trump has ever had or ever will have in his entire self-worshipping, truly dumb ass life.