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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Personalized protest announced. Just show up. Please. They'll do whatever you want.

National Organization for Marriage- a flash-in-the-pan hate group now reduced to a broom closet office from which co-founder Brian Brown issues hundreds of email money begs every day- is calling its annual march on the Supreme Court to block overturn marriage equality for June 17, 2017.

Blogger Joe.My.God sums it up best:

NOM To Stage Yet Another DC Hate March After Drawing A Humiliating Crowd In The Tens Last Year

Long propped up by the Knights of Columbus and the DeVos family, NOM was a fixture of the Bush-era campaigns to ban marriage equality with state referenda.

It has now been functionally insolvent for at least six years (for the latest 2015 deficit see here).

Notoriously secretive and prone to litigation (they once sued the IRS, settled, then asked for $691,000 in legal fees as the prevailing party) Brown's cofounders, the intellectual powerhouse Princeton prof Robert P. George, and the portly polemicist Maggie Gallaher- who shrieked last year that if NC Governor Pat McCrory lost it would be the end of conservatism- have long since decamped. George now lectures the Vatican on returning to its inquisitorial roots, while Gallagher defends reparative therapy in a George-funded grace-and-favor think thank.

In 2016 Brown demanded that all the Republican presidential candidates sign its antigay hate pledge; so spent is NOM as a force on the hard right that several refused. Undeterred, Brown launched a "Champions of Marriage" campaign to influence GOP primary voters to support the most homophobic- and therefore most worthy candidates. The winner would gain NOM's entirely uncoveted endorsement.

None of Brown's picks lasted through the first turn, and when Donald Trump summoned America's anti-LGBT politicovangelical establishment to The Tower last summer, Brown was nowhere to be seen.

NOM's board chair and chief lawyer, John C. Eastman, was North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis' and NC Senate boss Phil Berger's pick to keep the state's marriage ban in the courts and the nightly news as Tillis ran for the US Senate in 2014; at $400 an hour, Eastman did his best, and the closest he got to the Supreme Court was a harangue on the steps during NOM's 2015 rally- where he filled in for the Catholic archbishop of Los Angeles.

Brown also moonlights as president of the World Congress of Families, another hate group with extensive tentacles in Russia. As his spite campaigns wither in the US, he has focused his efforts on the former Soviet bloc and homophobic African dictators: a tactic consistent with NOM's authoritarian tendencies:
...[Internal documents leaked in 2012 revealed that NOM was working to build a national strategy that would “expose” President Obama as a “social radical” and “drive a wedge between gays and blacks” by using black spokespeople to promote NOM’s agenda and “provoke the gay marriage base” into calling the black spokespeople bigots. Part of the strategy included “finding attractive young black Democrats to challenge white gay marriage advocates electorally” and seeking “to identify glamorous young Latino and Latina leaders…willing to stand for marriage.”
How big a con artist is Brian Brown?

He's still raising money to pay for buses for NOM's 2015 DC rally.

Perhaps the best measure of Brown's importance is the late film critic Roger Ebert's legendary story of Squeaky The Chicago Mouse:
That reminds me of the famous story about Squeaky the Chicago Mouse. It seems that Squeaky was floating on his back along the Chicago River one day. Approaching the Michigan Avenue lift bridge, he called out: Raise the bridge! I have an erection!
He's a boorish dinner guest, too. 

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