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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

As a child, Mr Trump refused to take part in class spelling tests. "I'm straight-A," he told one teacher before knocking him out. "No Bees."

One of the drearier aspects of being Ivanka Trump is getting the pre-dawn calls to tell Daddy how to use spell-check again.

Mrs Kushner, the failed actress, sometime fashion model and empowerer of women by selling Chinese-made dresses for $138 at Montgomery Ward (if you can find one), who recently added to her portfolio not only deciding if the US should abandon fighting climate change to keep West Virginia's and Kentucky's electoral votes on the right, but the post of Proofreader of the President's Executive Orders, where errors of fact and spelling jockey for pride of place. 

Of course, once Kellyanne Conway explained #AltFacts to a candid world, #AltSpelling could not stay down on the farm for long.

Thus this tale:
On Monday morning at 5:14 a.m., President Donald Trump tweeted a message that reads: “Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to W.H. Council.”  
Only Trump didn’t really mean council, an assembly or meeting for consultation or discussion. Rather, he meant counsel, a lawyer appointed to advise and represent in legal matters. 

Enter Merriam-Webster, surely only tweets away from this:

(That one's #AltTweet: I made it up).

Turns out the lexicographers get up early, too:

Like librarians, dictionary makers are responsible sorts who issue well-meaning cautions:

PS: Ivanka fixed it:

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