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Friday, May 5, 2017 says, "Our Estate Collection portfolio is comprised of extraordinary and diverse properties located in dramatic settings that provide unrivaled views and a sense of immersion into the local culture. Each location offers excellent options for private events and exclusive use."

The President fired The White House Chief Usher- the head of operations there- today.

Angella Reid had several strikes against her. She was the first black woman in the job, she had performed the highly discreet job flawlessly for six years (there have only been nine chief ushers since 1900, versus eighteen presidents; the average tenure is twenty years), and she was recruited by President Obama from a senior post at Ritz-Carlton Hotels.

Rumors the head of catering at the Trump Hotel two blocks away will take direction from Ivanka Trump, and that Jared Kushner's technologizing government task force will build a robot to take the job, remain unconfirmed.

Steve Bannon's views remain unchanged in all things.

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