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Friday, June 16, 2017

As Deplorable Pride's press coverage grinds to a halt alongside its fundraising, lawsuit, boycott and alternate Pride schedule, German gays ask, "Was zum Teufel?"

From the German magazine Men:


Wretched: From Pride to Strife

Brian Talbert splits the US LGBTI community with a "wretched Pride" movement

Brian Talbert is an American, openly gay and a Donald Trump fan. For the alliance "Gays for Trump" he wanted to take part in the Charlotte Pride parade in August with his own float. A splendid propaganda vehicle loomed ahead of him, decorated with flags and with drag queens in patriotic garb.

But nothing will come of it. The organizers of Charlotte Pride gave Talbert a rejection notice. They relied on the principle that they reject floats that contradict their mission of equality and freedom. Under this maxim, anti-LGBTI groups and religious alliances have been given float refusals in the past.

The fact that Donald Trump can be seen as a personalized anti-LGBTI group is one thing (see the MEN archive). That Talbert feels discriminated against over his support of Trump is tanother. His dealings with rejection are indicative of the division of American society - including the LGBTI community.

Talbert has launched a wide-ranging protest movement. He announces indignant interviews from television to the Washington Post, and has announced a counter-event titled "Deplorable Pride." He collects funds through to pay for a lawsuit against the Charlotte Pride organizers. The tenor of the whole campaign is typically populist: "As a minority within a minority, we must raise our voice," Talbert's gofundme page says.

Talbert's campaign over the cancellation for the "Gays for Trump" float is a debate in which values such as freedom of expression, demonstration right, and discrimination are cheerfully twisted. A single participant (and thus as a subterfuge of democracy) is misinterpreted by himself as a mass movement.

The situation is quite simple. The makers of Charlotte Pride formulate their vision as this way: "We imagine a world in which LGBTQ people are confirmed, respected and integrated into the full social and civic life of the local communities - free from fear and all discrimination, rejection, and prejudices.

Just look at Donald Trumps's decision to ignore June as LGBTI Pride Month (see the MEN'S Archives) and one cab see that he does not work as a representative for this vision - a propaganda float for him in the Charlotte Pride has no vision except self-promotion.

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