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Monday, June 12, 2017

Plain as mud, eh?

It struck me today, listening to Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow; Newt Gingrich, spouse of adultress/Vatican ambassador Callista Gingrich; and the publisher of WorldNetDaily on PBS, all call for the firing of the special counsel whose work- according to the President, should only be days from exonerating him for the little bits Comey hasn't already- that we are not so much reliving Watergate as the Teapot Dome Scandal of another undisciplined adulterer and bloviator, President Warren G. Harding.

The state of explanation of Trumpgate is best summed up by a bit of doggerel Senator Henry Cabot Lodge offered during the Senate's investigation of the oil scandal 94 years ago:

Absolute knowledge have I none,
But my aunt's washerwoman's sister's son
Heard a policeman on his beat
Say to a laborer in the street
That he had a letter just last week --
A letter which he did not seek --
From a Chinese merchant in Timbuktoo
Who said that his brother in Cuba knew
Of an Indian chief in a Texas town,
Who got the dope from a circus clown,
That a man in Klondike had it straight
From a guy in a South American state,
That a wild man over in Borneo
Was told by a woman who claimed to know,
Of a well-known society rake,
Whose mother-in-law will undertake
To prove that her husband's sister's niece
Has stated plain in a printed piece
That she has a son who never comes home
Who knows all about the Teapot Dome.

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