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Sunday, July 2, 2017

At a salary of $0, Mrs Kushner is "First Daughter and Advisor." Tiffany must be so peeved: it's bad enough being named for a jewelry store.

The President has issued a report to Congress on how much leaner his White House staff is. Forbes is ecstatic.

Reading the actual payroll, though, it's apparent the President- who said through the campaign he is his own policy advisor- has carved out the brains and kept the gilt.

He has two calligraphers on staff: $160,000 total

The Director of Presidential Gifts: $62,000

The Director of Personal Correspondence: $56,000

The Director of Digital Response for Personal Correspondence (the tweet scribe?): $51,000

The two Writers for Personal Correspondence: $87,000 total

The Director of Student and Children's Correspondence: $47,000

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