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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Colorado baker says Jesus won't bake gay wedding cakes. No loaves, no fishes, neither.

Barronnelle Stutzman, the TriCities, WA florist, and Aaron and Melissa Klein, the martyr-bakers of Gresham, OR, cashed in on their moments of fame denying wedding services to same-sex couples.

Having hoovered up close to a million dollars (the Kleins are still fundaising at, after paying off their 135,000 judgment, pocketing over $300,000, and closing their business two years after they said the lesbians Aaron chased into the parking lot forced them to close), they have consistently lost in state court and their messages have become as cold and rubbery as the chicken on the conservative policy group dinner circuit they travel.

But for a long time, I thought Jack Phillips, owners of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Denver, had some class. After he was found to have violated Colorado non-discrimination law for Jesus, he didn't get up a Gofundme or become a Ted Cruz campaign camp follower.

He got a right-wing, Christianist law firm and got his case- barely, it was on the review calendar 19 times- set for argument before the Supreme Court next fall. No interviews, no grifting.

I thought too well of him, too soon.

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