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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Twilight of the Deplorables.

So much winning...after 27 days, Albemarle, NC's Deplorable Pride has unveiled its fourth official website design:

The latest iteration is courtesy of hackers who took over the page a few days ago. They got DP's Twitter page, too:

The President- who was going to tweet to Deplorable Pride's rescue June 23- wandered off across the tarmac yesterday to look for his limo, parked at the foot of the steps off Air Force One; today he is flying to Europe to elbow some more heads of government out of the way and get played by Putin. 

Deplorable things are always on the President's to-tweet list, but a handful of gay guys in Stanly County ain't one of 'em.

Deplorables leader Brian Talbert's personal $100,000 grift ("We plan on using the money for any legal means neseccery to insure that the hypocrisy  is exposed and finally corrected.  I plan on  the money being held in an accoun t until we need it for use in educating or legally demostrating  our right to fix this wrong.   As of the time 12:54pm on 6/21/2017 not  one single penny has been removed from this has been on record as standing for honesty and 100% transparency.  We also have a track record of keeping that goal") has booked $5 since June 24.

Bored by just bashing liberals and Muslims on Facebook, Talbert has opened a new front in the bring-all-the-gays-together campaign that was the impetus for the group a month ago. July 3 he declared war on "bitter jealous Republican queers" whose favor and recognition he was seeking on Canadian radio just three weeks earlier. 

His weekly conservative YouTube show failed to launch, and was succeeded by podcast that failed to launch.

And every day is one day closer to the Charlotte Pride festival, when Deplorable Pride has to put up or shut up. 

There are 52 days left.

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