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Sunday, August 13, 2017

By the time Granny Clampett is done, the mow-down kid in the Challenger will be set up as a free-lancer designer of racial minoroty crash test dummies.

For fifty years, this headline meant Americans would know the truth of vicious acts and cynical cover-ups.

Not today.

We have an Attorney General whose own party's Senate majority denied him a federal judgeship for his racist statements and acts as a US Attorney.

He has created a new office of political appointees to investigate and sue public universities and colleges for discriminating against white people in their admissions policies.

He has installed, as head of his department's civil rights division, one of the courtroom defenders of North Carolina's HB2, a legalized discrimination bill so odious the Republican-controlled General Assembly had to pretend to repeal it after a year.

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