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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Mere surprise, however, was never enough to prevent Psmith talking." Nor the Resident.

The Anglo-American comic novelist P.G.Wodehouse had a character called Psmith.

Psmith was a psmooth-talking Etonian who added the extra letter because there were too many other Smiths around.

However, he always helpfully explained the pronunciation when introduced: "The 'P' is silent, as in 'pterodactyl'; 'psychiatrist'; even 'pshrimp.'

Now that the President has gone completely declasse' at, as the second Mrs Theodore Roosevelt complained, "living over the shop" - "a real dump', he denies, therefore verifying it- I, for one, have decided to reward Citizen Trump, layabout resident of run-down public housing (though in a unit inexplicably not in the charge of Ben Carson).

I confer on him a Reverse Psmith, Third Class: the "P" being unearned, I remove it from his honorific. 

Henceforth, the occupant of The White House is simply, in this space, "the Resident." 

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