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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Always his own man, John Schnatter found a way to lose it all without harassing a single woman.

John Schnatter drove Papa John's stock price down 4.2% whinging about Obamacare raising his pie prices 14 cents and his franchisees having to make up the loss by putting all their employees part-time to avoid the law.

To recoup the hammering he took, he made himself the official NFL pizza groupie in cringe-worthy TV ads with wooden players and leaden jokes.

Then, feeling his oats again, he endorsed the *resident in 2016 and complained that black footballers taking the knee were costing him sales, bigly.

That won him the endorsement of the American Nazi movement as the purveyor of the perfect Aryan fast food:

Even his own PR staff had to moonwalk that one, and now the boss has left the building, finito, kaput.

Think Progress concludes,

With their toxic executive gone, the company can now focus on matters closer at hand, like why their hot cheese circles taste like a salty cardboard shoebox, or why garlic dipping sauce is regarded as an acceptable condiment.

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