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Saturday, May 17, 2014

In Columbia, the Uniparty's on top of all the great issues of the day

Cursive writing and multiplying: One bill, sponsored by Rep. Dwight Loftis, R-Greenville, would require elementary students to learn cursive and memorize multiplication tables. Loftis said his 18-year-old grandson’s inability to read a note written in cursive in a birthday card led him to introduce the bill. Research, he said, also shows that cursive improves thinking, reading, writing, motor skills, self-confidence and discipline. 
But the bill’s nearly $28 million price tag could spell trouble. A state budget office estimated it would cost $2.5 million in travel costs and $25 million in materials to teach cursive, including $100 to train each teacher, $1,000 for supplies for each classroom and $11 for a textbook for every student. State Department of Education officials said the $28 million was incorrect. They are working on another estimate that will be “much, much lower,” said spokesman Dino Teppara.
Waldo continues to seek out a sample of Loftis' scrawl. 

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