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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Today in free market welfare: antigay florist, antigay marriage profiteers' stocks fall; white pride deli owner posts sharp gains

Must be time for the Prayer & Pizza lobby to gin up a new crisis. The Brian Klawitter/Dieseltec fuss has sucked all the air out of when it comes to Victimized Christian Shakedowns, and today was a really bad day for two of the three we're tracking.

Klawitter, of course, is the diesel mechanic who will let you come in his shop bearing weapons, but not "displaying" gayness. Whether guns trump gayness in the conservative version of rock-paper-scissors, so gays can get their rigs fixed if they pack enough heat, we don't know. Not only has Cummins, the big diesel engine company (from Indiana, in a nice irony) dropped the dime on Klawitter's promiscuous use of the company's logo on his website, it turns out he refuses to file a city business license on religious freedom grounds, he let his diesel mechanic license lapse last winter. Oh, and there's the assault conviction...

If anyone seems to be bidding fair for a golden parachute back into obscurity, Klawitter is the dude, but Waldo's keeping his status as "Pending."

So bad tidings today for Barronelle Stutzman, labeled the "Christian-Grandma Florist" by her adherents. Since yesterday, her gofundme site collected only $360 from 7 new donors.

But Stutzman has an ace in her apron pocket: she's getting an as-yet undisclosed cut from the Memories Pizza $842,000 megahaul in addition to the $171,678 she's raised on her own. Nice work, no doubt aided by her keening about losing home, business and savings; she's getting free legal defense services; she's countersuing the gay couple she stiffed- and the State of Washington- for damages, and wedding flowers are only 3% of her business, of which the damages caused by rejecting her one and only gay wedding are $7.91: the cost to the couple for driving around to find another florist who didn't see the profit potential in getting sniffy about who buys her gerberas.

A bad day, too, for National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown, who has a gofundme beg going to raise $40,000 to bring thousands of poor but outraged defenders of marriage to DC for his big Supreme Court rally and march next Saturday. He waited until April 10 to realize his other online campaign for $100,000 wasn't gonna get him a decent crowd (last year's march estimate: 2,000), or enough money to do anything about it, so now he wants 20 buses to bring,maybe, 1200 people to his shindig. Waldo, who did some research on chartering buses here, found indications NOM has built a hefty profit into the beg, but at the rate things are may no matter. Yesterday's update from Brown threatened to start cancelling the buses (how much will NOM lose on deposits?) if his his summer soldiers and sunshine patriots don't step up. Today's Begging for Buses haul? $590 from 13 donors.

But the big overnight winner is the hapless Jimbo Boggess, owner of Jimbo's Deli in Flemington, New Jersey. In March he posted this sign at his business:

In April he posted this one:

Boggess, who, Main Street Bagels owner John Puckett said, "makes us look like a town full of inbreds," posted a gofundme beg April 12 under the plaintive title, "jimbos white history sign gone wrong." Yesterday Boggess had only made $285; today he raked in $978 from 40 new donors taking a stand for white pride.

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