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Thursday, June 25, 2015

They know who their paymasters are

Here's the world North Carolina Republicans like Senator Thom Tillis and Congressman Mark Meadows are working hard to deliver:

170: June 24th was the 170th day of the 114th Congress
87:  Days the GOP House has been in session, including 18 pro-forma days in which the House gaveled in & out in a matter of minutes & no legislative business was completed
1.5 million: Number of private-sector jobs created or sustained by Export-Import Bank since 2007
4:  Times House Republicans voted against renewing the job-creating Export-Import Bank charter before it expires on June 30 (2015 Vote #1162015 Vote #1262015 Vote #3712015 Vote #379)
ZERO: GOP jobs bills passed in the 114th Congress
Just 25: Bills signed into law by President, including 2 that were unfinished business from the 113th Congress and 15 noncontroversial modest suspension bills
 $610.7 billion: Amount the deficit is increased by the 11 GOP permanent tax cut bills the GOP has already passed in the 114th Congress so far
100: Percent of House Republicans who voted against bringing up the student loan refinancing bill
7:  Additional times the House GOP has voted in the past 170 days to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act (2015 Vote #142015 Vote #452015 Vote #582015 Vote #142, 2015 Vote #1832015 Vote #3752015 Vote #376)
60: Times House Republicans have voted to repeal or undermine the ACA since 2011
241: Republicans voted against bringing the Help Hire Our Heroes Act – a bill to provide training resources for veterans seeking good-paying jobs – to the floor for a vote.
99:Percent of House Republicans who voted to allow predatory lenders on military bases
$251 million:Cut to Amtrak funding passed by House Republican members of the Appropriations Committee one day after a deadly train accident in Philadelphia.
 100:Percent of Republicans twice voted against authorizing & funding the Positive Train Control Program which would have prevented the Amtrak derailment, one week after the accident.
 6: Times GOP voted against bringing a clean bill to fund DHS to a vote even as a shutdown loomed (2015 Vote #342015 Vote #712015 Vote #772015 Vote #862015 Vote #922015 Vote #100)
 2:  Times GOP has blocked bigger paychecks and better infrastructure so far in the 114th Congress (2015 Vote #42015 Vote #5)
2.9 million: Number of jobs that would be destroyed under the House GOP FY 2016 Budget
$2,000:More in taxes for middle-class American families with children greenlighted by the final FY 2016 Republican Budget
 $200,000: Average tax break for the wealthiest Americans making $1,000,000 or more greenlighted by the final FY 2016 Republican Budget
 $269 billion: Tax breaks House Republicans have passed for the wealthiest 5,400 estates - 0.2 percent of Americans - in the country.
99:Percent of House Republicans who voted against allowing a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act – a bill to ensure equal pay for equal work

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