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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Everyone shall have his 15 minutes

After Obergefell, three Kentucky county clerks announced, no marriage license to nobody. Because if the gays can have them, the straights can't. So rise up in your masses, straight folk, and get this sorted out, seemed to be the thinking.

Clerk #1, Kim Davis, is rock star of fashion and media. She went to the Values Voters Summit and got an award for not doing her tax-paid job.

Clerk #2, Casey Davis, went on a bike ride around Kentucky in support of Clerk #1. He got a little press when he started, and none when he finished, because nobody saw the point. The he started giving interviews about he he was ready to go to jail, like Clerk #1. He got invited to the Values Voters Summit, but only got to be on a panel.

Clerk #3, Kay Schwartz, has now weighed in. She is going to issue licenses only to people she thinks are straight. She asked a local media station, "Don't stir this up."

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