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Friday, May 12, 2017

No more closeted Hollywood Republicans: Granny Jenner hints she's following Antonio Sabato Jr into the ring.

BBC News reports Caitlyn Jenner, irked by the Republican Party's indifference to her celebrity and ideological fealty, says she may enter politics.
A Republican supporter who supported Mr Trump in last year's US election, Jenner said she was disappointed the new president had overturned guidance allowing transgender students to use school toilets matching their gender identity. 
"It doesn't make me regret my vote yet, but it is very disappointing and I have been very verbal about that," she said. 
"I thought Trump would be better on these issues." 
Asked why she believed that, she said it was because she had "talked to him", adding: "I will have more conversation with him about it in the future."
"I do a lot of political stuff, but it is mostly all behind the scenes," she said. 
Asked if she would stand for election, she added: "I have been asked that question quite a bit, to be honest with you - over the next year I'm looking into it. 
"I want to know where can I do a better job for my community, in bringing the Republican Party around when it comes to all LGBT issues. 
"Is it from the outside? Kind of working on the outside and the perimeter and working with everybody to get the Republicans to change their thinking? 
"Or is it better off being on the inside and actually running for a Congress or Senate seat? Can I do more good there? And those are the things that I am evaluating."

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