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Monday, July 24, 2017

Having left three Charlotte city council seats uncontested, conservatives will protest being shut out of local government tonight.

Best wishes to Deplorable Pride, the gay Trump fanboy club! This evening they are joining with other conservatives with slender grasps on reality to protest a policy that does not exist.

The ways of zanies and mountebanks are often strange, but this one is easy. 

 A new city council member said, on TV, that no Trump supporters should be allowed in city government.

It's a comment one can take or leave, but that falls squarely within the protections of the free speech guarantees of the NC and federal constitutions. The ones Deplorable Pride's handful of members will exploit tonight.

Neurons began sluggishly firing in right-wing minds. Visions of Nazi-exterminations began to stir turbid channels of thought. Only this time, they imagined themselves on the receiving end.

Never mind that DP "Founder" (he purged his rival co-founder July 7) Brian Talbert's view of democracy is this comment to his hometown paper:
“It’s easy for me to expose the gay left,” Talbert said. “The repressed has become the repressor. I’m enjoying every minute of it.” 
Talbert ain't even got a dog in this hunt. He doesn't even live in Mecklenburg County. Talbert lives in Albemarle, 42 miles east of Charlotte.

But this is an #AltFacts Age. Two conservatives will be sitting on the Charlotte City Council tonight as the Trump fanboys sit on the floor.

One of the council members, Kenny Smith, is one of four conservatives running for mayor. Another ten are running for city council seats. 

Deplorable Pride wants a council packed with people like Smith and fellow conservative Ed Driggs. Both were keen supporters of HB2. Smith says Charlotte is in danger of being taken over by the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT advocacy group.

So you can see why gay conservatives want more of that sort of thinking.

Three district seats have no Republican candidate because the conservatives worried about extinction couldn't be troubled to field even one candidate. 

Why care if conservatives are barred from government when they don't care enough to run?

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