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Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump trumps cynical tweet with training-wheels diplomacy

The long, sad struggle of UK infant Charlie Gard has come to its end in the courts.

He will die soon, and become the new poster cause for right-to-life campaigners, Terri Schiavo having passed her sell-by.

Playing a cameo in the protracted legal battle is the American President, who can never resist the chance to turn any news event into one about him:

Of course, he did nothing.

He's had bigger British fish to fry, as The Daily Mail reports:
Donald Trump has been asked to make a ‘dummy’ State visit to Britain this year to show he can avoid embarrassing the Queen. 
He has been invited to come for brief talks with Theresa May – but with none of the Royal pomp and circumstance he wanted. 
The decision will be hailed as a victory by nearly two million people who signed a petition calling for the trip to be downgraded to spare the Queen’s blushes because of Trump’s ‘misogyny and vulgarity’. 
As a face-saving measure, the US President will be offered a State visit next year – but it won’t take place unless the low-profile trip is a success. 
The ‘trial’ visit is bound to lead to comparisons with Trump’s starring role in The Apprentice US reality TV show. 
The U-turn follows concern on both sides of the Atlantic that if his first formal visit to the UK since winning power is a full-blown State occasion it could be a disaster. 
In London there are fears that demonstrations – or Trump’s eccentric antics – could embarrass the Queen. And Mrs May is desperate to avoid upsetting him to win a good post-Brexit trade deal with the US. 
The White House is equally keen for Trump not to be subjected to ugly mass protests. By staging a ‘trial’ trip, both sides hope to take the sting out of the controversy. And if it is a shambles the subsequent State visit can be deferred – indefinitely if necessary.

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