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Thursday, July 27, 2017

"I'm gonna be a happy idiot/And struggle for the legal tender": rural NC gay grifter and drag groupie cheerleads Trump transgender ban, stays silent on same-day Trump court brief that LGBT Americans have no protection whatever from employment discrimination

Brian Talbert, co-founder of the money scam Deplorable Pride, is a true, r-w-&b American flag-waving fag.

He is a valiant warrior, a man willing to suffer Charlotte's July heat for a chance to get photographed protesting a comment by a member of a city council of a city in a county he doesn't even live in.

Thomas Paine would call him a summer soldier, a sunshine patriot. His service calls to mind Congressman Abraham Lincoln's reminiscence of brief service in the Black Hawk War of 1832:
By the way Mr. Speaker, did you know that I am a military hero? Yes sir, in the days of the Black Hawk War I fought, bled and came away . . . I was not at Stillman's defeat, but I was about as near it as Cass was Hull's surrender, and, like him, I saw the place very soon afterwards . . . If he saw any live, fighting Indians, it was more than I did; but I had a good many bloody struggles with the mosquitoes, and although I never fainted from the loss of blood, I can truly say I was often very hungry.

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We know he is the Conservative Voice because he made up a card saying so-

-just as we know he didn't just pocket the $7730 he's gulled from over 200 donors at for this:
My organization planned to enter a float in the Charlotte Gay Pride Parade.  We were denied simply for being gay Republicans.   The discrimination that we experienced from our own people led us to  do whatever it took to get this strory and and fight them til they allow ALL gays to be a part of gay pride.  We plan on using the money for any legal means neseccery to insure that the hypocrisy  is exposed and finally corrected.  I plan on  the money being held in an accoun t until we need it for use in educating or legally demostrating  our right to fix this wrong.   As of the time 12:54pm on 6/21/2017 not  one single penny has been removed from this account.  
That didn't last for long. A few days after posting that claim, Talbert added,
Just to satisfy the LIBERALS who are running Gofundme I am making the FOURTH update in two days. I WILL BE WITHDRAWING THIS MONEY AND DEPOSITING THE FUNDS INTO A PERSONAL ACCOUNT. Does this now satisfy you, gofundme to release our donors money?
And so, one assumes, he did. After all, he did advertise his campaign for what it is:

He finds questions about what he's done with the money irksome ("Seems the only ones who are not clear are the one not donating a dime.  Freedom loving Americans have full knowledge of what they are giving their money to"). 

When I asked him, via DP's Facebook page, he refused to answer, impugned my motives, erased the exchange, and barred me from commenting the page.

But as Igor said in Young Frankenstein, "Too late!"

Similarly, he says- a lot- that he has a track record for saying he is 100% truthful and transparent.

He just refuses to account for the money.

So you can see why, after the President- who, like other, more famous gay conservatives, Talbert thinks of as his Daddy- announced his ban on transgender soldiers, Brian Talbert would think, from his rural backwater in Stanly County, "I am the Conservative Voice! I must speak!"

After thinking hard, a la Thurber's Ohio footballer college mate-

-Talbert issued the deep thought.

Apparently, though, on a 23-mile drive to Concord, The Co-Founder ruminated. Something was missing. Gravitas? Facts? Proof? The royal "We"?

So he tried again just after lunch.

Then he went in search of a media fix. The last time Talbert scored an interview was June 29, after all (as Dorothy Parker said of another famous egomaniac, the affair between Brian Talbert and Brian Talbert is "one of the prettiest love stories in all literature"):

So Talbert got his 15 seconds of fame speaking- as the reporter noted- purely for himself.

Deplorable Pride doesn't exist. There is no "we" in Deplorable Pride, except in Brian Talbert's triune fantasies.

If I am wrong, let him prove otherwise. Produce proof of members, and that there is a process by which they take group positions Talbert then posts.

That should easy.

And then, let him prove his case against transgender service members.  Let him explain what he believes as a gay man, not as a sad headline whore sucking up the work of those who earn fortunes working to eliminate his rights every single day- not with an article from the rabidly anti-gay Heritage Foundation, but with what he himself knows- a man obsessed by drag.

It's as close as he can claim to direct knowledge of transgender issues (and if I'm wrong, again, enlighten away!)

Talbert launched his suborbital trajectory to two-county fame, after all, as the advocate for a 27-foot rolling Trump altar in Charlotte's Pride Parade 32 days from now. Charlotte Pride rejected the application as having a purpose contrary to that of the event, and Talbert surely has made their case for them with his insane defense of the indefensible, advanced solely by conservatives who wouldn't cross the street to spit on Brian Talbert if he was on fire.

Talbert's- actually Derek Van Cleve's- float was a gender-bending patriotic fantasia, a star-spangled LSD trip to feature drag queens in "blue-sequined #MAGA evening dresses" and a man dressed up as the First Lady of the United States.

Talbert promised a Miss Deplorable Pride Pageant, with a $2500 Most Deplorable First Pride (then he dropped it, along with a full program of other events for the conservative cross-dressers of the Carolinas).

Drag was how Talbert found his footing in the gay tribe of old, and "queen" in its derogatory sense, is one of his favorite put-downs of LGBT people who live in the real world. July 2 he raged,
When I started this fight, I had no idea how many bitter jealous Republican queers I would have to fight. I thought liberals would be the only ones I would have to deal with. You really see the grandstanding, jealousy, and greed come out when you start dealing in the political world.
As Derek Van Cleve, the DP co-founder Talbert ousted and airbrushed away July 7 (and whose idea the float was in the first place), wrote on the first version of DP's Official Website (now long erased):
Brian first marched in a Charlotte Pride celebration back in 1994. "Back then there was maybe 50 people in the march. I remember Scorpios had a float with Ashley Jordan and Buffy Demoro dancing on the float. A pageant winner rode in a convertible and Reverend Joe Chambers and his organization The Charlotte Christian Coalition showed up to protest the event. There were more protestors than participants. Things were a lot different in 1994. Cullen Ferguson from Channel 9 WSOC TV and his wife both attended the march and held a sign that read "We love our gay son". Back then, people weren't lining the streets to cheer us on, they were lining the streets to protest us being there, throw rocks at us and spit at us. It was scary. I remember being scared. We walked around one city blocked and that's all we were allowed to do. I was there, I participated and I helped pave the way for what Charlotte Pride has become today". Brian says. "Being denied entry into the parade this year was a huge slap in the face to me. It's like all I have done for this community was in vain. It's like the community has turned into the oppressors they protested against." Mr. Talbert continues.
     "I first met Brian in 1996, we were hanging out with our mutual friend Ashley Jordan. Ashley was the only entertainer in Charlotte that allowed me to perform on their show night. It was a Thursday night at Oleen's Legendary Show bar on South Blvd. which is now a Dunkin Doughnuts. Even in drag back then the gay community I was no stranger to discrimination. They discriminated against me against me because I was different, I wasn't a "pageant queen", I was a gothic queen and my drag name was Tragedy. Eventually I won over the majority of the community and continued to entertain in Charlotte up until 2004 when my father passed away. I saw many clubs in Charlotte NC come and go over the years and first attended a Charlotte Pride festival in Marshall Park in 2001." Mr. Van Cleve says. "Brian was so excited when I told him that this year I was applying for us to have our own float in Charlotte Pride this year. Being we are both Republicans and supporters of our 45th President we decided it would be nice to have a float in the parade that honored President Trump. We wanted the community to know that not all of the LGBT community is anti-Trump and that there are some of us that love and support our president". After being an active member, entertainer and supporting the LGBT community for over 15 years it was really a big let down to receive the notice from Charlotte Pride that we had been denied entry in the parade." Derek said.
Has Brian Talbert served in the military himself?  I doubt it. Let him prove otherwise. Show your credentials, sir (after all, you've announced you are running for Congress against an entrenched, anti-gay Republican incumbent. It's gonna be an issue, what you know, and don't).

Even a Miami drag queen who whined on CNN that supporting the Prsident costs her work aid she hoped the President will order honorable discharges for serving transgender soldiers.

Not Brian Talbert. Whatever the President says, Talbert is panting for camera time to support.

The fact is, Brian Talbert's entire public persona- such as it is, and short-lived as it will be- is built on the infallibility of the President. And not even the President knows how the ban will work, or why it is needed. It's just what Donald Trump pulled out of his ass after breakfast yesterday.

It isn't in effect. No one knows when it will be. It is pure spite, and for a gay man to defend it is pure idiocy- or publicity-seeking cynicism.

The President is also the man whose attorney general also filed a court brief yesterday in which he argued LGBT Americans have no legal protection whatsoever from discrimination in employment.

Brian Talbert has issued no statements and given no interviews, about that. He can't. Being wrong- ever- would just prove, like a drag empress, he's got no clothes.

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